CMM offers training in generic programming to you and your team. Generic programming substantially increases reusability and thus productivity for algorithmic software development.

Training in generic programming

Algorithms for technical and scientific tasks are based on properly defined, general mathematical abstractions and concepts, like differential equations, vector spaces or manifolds. On the other hand, software implementing these algorithms often is highly specialised: Maybe simply because some arbitrary implementation choices "have to be made". Or, for performance reasons some additional assumptions have to be made, like optimised data structures or specialisation for a certain hardware. Some programming paradigms, like object orientation, which are very successful in mainstream software development, are less suited for these very performance reason, when it comes to processing large quantities of data.

Generic programming can preserve the generality of mathematical abstractions without compromising efficiency. I am happy to give you an overview of this new programming paradigm. I help you applying this method and offer custom training courses for you and your staff!